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IndieCade 2017 Games

A Normal Lost Phone  Accidental Queens  

Atchafalaya Arcade  Tammy Duplantis  

BIT RAT  bucket drum games  

Bleep Space  Andy Wallace and Dan Friel  

Bury me, my Love  The Pixel Hunt and Figs  

Busy Work  Mouse & the Billionaire  

Cat Sorter VR  Pawmigo Games  

Cosmic Top Secret  klassefilm  

Cribbage with Grandpas  Less Than Three Interactive  

Detention  Red Candle Games  

Emotional Fugitive Detector  Von Ehren, King, and Wu  

Everything is going to be OK  alienmelon  

Fear Sphere  HNRY  

Feast  Sharang Biswas and Sweta Mohapatra  

Four Horsemen  Nuclear Fishin' Software  

Frog Fractions 2  Twinbeard and Mostly Tigerproof  

GNOG  KO_OP Mode  

Hackers of Resistance  The Hackers of Resistance  

Ishmael  Jordan Magnuson  

Keyboard Sports  Triband  

Kim  The Secret Games Company  

Ladykiller in a Bind  Love Conquers All Games  

Objectif  a.m. darke  

Oblige  Jocelyn Kim and Ivan Tsang  

Oikospiel Book I  Koch Games  

OneShot  Little Cat Feet  

Rhythm Doctor  7th Beat Games  

Santiago  Team Santiago  

Sign: A Game about being Understood  Thorny Games  

The Norwood Suite  Greg 'Cosmo D' Heffernan  

Tracking Ida  Tracking Ida Team  

Un-Destined  Zinno Studio  

Vignettes  Skeleton Business  

Virtual, Virtual Reality  Tender Claws  

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine  Dim Bulb Games  

_transfer  Abyssal Uncreations  

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E3 2017 Showcase

A showcase of unique, original games at the E3 showcase.

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2017 GDC Showcase

Games featured at 2017 GDC showcase.


Games who have received special awards as part of their showcase.

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Previous Years

Previous years' games as featured at each showcase.

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