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Wisp in the Vale (Larklamp Magic Lantern Game System)

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 •  Developer: Lumo Amuzo
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Platform: tabletop game
 •  Website:
 •  Team: P.D. Warne - Creator
Developer's Artistic Statement

"After working in AAA videogame design for over 15 years at studios such as Lucas, DoubleFine, and Ubisoft, I left the game software industry to explore making physical games for tabletop.

The types of games I wanted to make were looking to combine the social and physical aspects of tabletop games with the magic of old parlor toys. So I then decided to create the Larklamp Magic Lantern Game System as a unique tabletop game platform to develop my games for. I wanted to create a physical platform that could have existed 100 years ago, in hopes that it may still exist 100 years from now.

Wisp in the Vale will be bundled with the forthcoming commercial release of the Larklamp Magic Lantern Game System. Its core game mechanic of players being able to dynamically shift the game board is one example of the new mechanics I hope to explore with the Larklamp."

Wisp in the Vale (Larklamp Magic Lantern Game System) is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Wisp in the Vale (Larklamp Magic Lantern Game System)

Wisp in the Vale is the second game in development for the Larklamp Magic Lantern Game System.