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What's My Headline

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 •  Developer: Mike Minadeo, John Greg Gomez, and J.J. White
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Platform: tabletop game
 •  Website:
About Mike Minadeo, John Greg Gomez, and J.J. White

- Game Designer - Mike Minadeo
- Game Designer - John Greg Gomez
- Creator of The Stupid Gazette - J.J. White

What's My Headline is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About What's My Headline

What's My Headline?" is a party game inspired by a Cold War artifact.

Real headlines from the Eighties provide storytelling prompts in this fun game of real headlines, fake news stories...before there was a ""fake news.""

Origins: Headlines are based upon the legendary real life ""samizdat"" known as The Stupid Gazette, which was passed around aerospace and defense companies via inter office mail during the height of the cold war to help workers cope with the stress of their professions.

The Stupid Gazette began as a stack of news clippings in the living room of renowned tech writer and raconteur J.J. White. At parties guests would entertain themselves by reading the articles. Mechanics and Game Play: With a nod to the gameshow ""What's My Line?"", players are given win conditions and a series of cards they can play to modify the story parameters. Players manufacture a storyline. A judge is selected each round to listen and choose the story which seems the most ""real"" based on the actual published stories from The Stupid Gazette (over 3000). This is a party game, and the rules are simple on purpose to create more engagement and interest.