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VISITOR in Blackwood Grove

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 •  Developer: Resonym
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Website:
About Resonym

- Mary Flanagan, Game Designer
- Max Seidman, Game Designer
- Maggie Chiang, Illustrator
- Jack Hagley, Graphic Designer
- Jim Kehoe, Student Game Designer
- Joe Macisco, Student Game Designer
- Bineshii Hermes-Roach, Student Illustrator
Developer's Artistic Statement

"VISITOR is a game of scientific reasoning: players must come up with hypotheses about which kinds of objects pass through the forcefield, and try to prove and disprove their hypotheses by conducting experiments.

In addition, VISITOR is an extremely creative game: the visitor can come up with almost any rule! They want to make the rule hard enough that the Agents won’t guess it, but not so hard that the Kid doesn’t guess it before 7 rounds are up. "

VISITOR in Blackwood Grove is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About VISITOR in Blackwood Grove

A spacecraft crashes in Blackwood Grove, and the Kid is the only one watching. Federal agents hunt down the signal, but no one can get near the craft due to its crushing forcefield. Why can some objects pass through the forcefield, but others are repelled? Hiding in the craft, the Visitor hopes the Kid can figure out the rule before the Agents and help it escape. The Agents want to dissect the Visitor and keep the ship.

Experiment with what can pass through, figure out the rule, and win in this asymmetric game of teamwork and inductive reasoning.