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The Gift

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 •  Release Date: 8/2019
 •  Genre: Narrative & Story Telling
 •  Developer: Luke Crane
 •  Country of Origin: USA
 •  Website:
 •  Twitter:
Developer Bio

Luke Crane is a game designer living in a cave with his goblin-cat in New York City. When not helping people launch projects on Kickstarter, he makes RPGs like Torchbearer, Mouse Guard and Burning Wheel.

The Gift is a title featured at [[ ]].

About The Gift

Can you put aside aged rivalries and set a path to peace, or will you hold onto what is yours, no matter the cost?

The Gift is about a delegation of Elves coming to a Dwarven hold to reaffirm their old alliance. Everything goes great and everyone ends up friends. You'll love it.