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The Distance

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 •  Release Date: 2018.5
 •  Genre: Puzzles
 •  Developer: Team The Distance
 •  Country of Origin: China
 •  Website:
Developer Bio

Team The Distance is led by Xian Lu, a MFA from Interactive Media & Games, USC and formed by USC students that are interested in video game making.

The Distance is a title featured at [[ ]].

About The Distance

The Distance is a game designed for geographically separated players to capture the feeling of being in the long-distance relationship.

The Distance’s mechanics center around a shared cooperative experience for two players. Players are divided in two distinct worlds and have the special ability of teleporting objects in their own world to each other. With this ability, players are able to share a platform with each other to supplement the missing part in another world, or teleport a special item that help the partner to solve certain problems. To simulate the way long-distance couples communicate in the life, different contents of narrative were given to two players. Each player only follows one character's point of view, and to reveal the complete story, conversations between the payers must be had to fill in the blanks.

With The Distance, our goal was to explore how online multiplayer games can make long-distance players feel more connected and improve their relationships while sharing. The game was designed to encourage meaningful communication with a call & response dynamic among geographically-separated players to enhance their relationships. It is also an experiment to explore the possibilities that might exist at the interaction and communication between players in cooperative play – an area that has otherwise not been well explored.