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Spy Eye: Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House

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 •  Release Date: Coming Soon
 •  Genre: Narrative & Story Telling
 •  Developer: The Marino Family
 •  Country of Origin: United States
 •  Website:
 •  Twitter:
 •  Facebook:
 •  Instagram:
Developer Bio

The Mrs. Wobbles games are made by the Marino family, including Mark C. Marino and his two children. Mark is an award-winning writer and scholar of electronic literature who lives in Los Angeles and blogs about children’s literature on E-lit 4 Kids ( Mark has written for video games, Disney, theater, and various online entertainments. His online works (for adults) include “a show of hands” (, “Living Will” (, and ""Salt Immortal Sea"" ( He is the Director of Communication of the Electronic Literature Organization. (portfolio here: He currently teaches writing at the University of Southern California. His children (13 and 15) are his talented collaborators, co-authors, and confederates in wanderings of the imagination.

Spy Eye: Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House is a title featured at [[ ]].

About Spy Eye: Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House

Armed with their gadgets and riding flying beds, Juan and Ichel need your help on their mission to rescue their birth parents and fight the wicked Voodoo Dude, while facing some of the hardest choices they'll ever make. Spy Eye is the latest game of Mrs Wobbles & the Tangerine house, recounting the adventures that begin in a magical foster care home.