Oikiospiel Vol. 1

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 •  Developer: Koch Games
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2018
 •  Website: http://www.oikospiel.com

Oikiospiel Vol. 1 is a title featured at IndieCade.

About Oikiospiel Vol. 1

Play as a German Shepherd named Pluto and explore the enchanted climates of planet Earth and the asteroid 433 Eros. Visit an Arctic Ocean wind farm, Kochiri Forest, a computer OS, a cluttered desk, a union-busting prairie in Kansas, a private jet, a flooded city at the North Pole, and many more fevered landscapes.

Written, assembled, and with an original score by David Kanaga, composer of Proteus, Panoramical and Dyad, Oikospiel's soundtrack is "100 percent intertwined with the game" (PC Gamer), featuring a lush variety of interactive musical experiences woven together into an operatic whole.