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Mortals for Blinks

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Mortals for Blinks is a title featured at [[ ]].

About Mortals for Blinks

Be the final survivor in this post-apocalyptic action game. On a dying planet, two teams battle the clock, stealing time from each other. It’s the final countdown... and watch out for the Zombies!

This fast paced strategic phygital tabletop game is unlike anything before. Built for the Blinks game system, Mortals is one of 6 games to come in the Core Set and has the ability to extend play to even larger sets of Blinks..

What are Blinks?

Blinks brings the responsiveness of digital gaming to the face-to-face fun of tabletop gaming. Each Blinks respond to your touch, communicate with each other, and think for themselves. These intelligent game pieces each know a single game and can teach all other Blinks how to play that game. 6 Blinks = 6 Games, 12 Blinks, 12 games...

Blinks are open-source and a platform for smart tabletop games. Want to create your own games, it's easy with our BlinkOS. Games can be created in under an hour. Novice programmers welcome.