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Minigames by David Kanaga

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 •  Developer: David Kanaga
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2018
 •  Website:

Minigames by David Kanaga is a title featured at IndieCade.

About Minigames by David Kanaga

David Kanaga is a deeply felt and experimental artist working in games and interactive art. Kanaga’s work is a evangelist for the further exploration of audio in games and a provocative statement about the power of music to drive experience. Contributing to early important works such as Panoramical and Proteus, David started as a composer whose audio designs were so inherently interactive and responsive that he naturally became a design team member on the independent works he composed, David’s career has pushed into exploring zines, writing, philosophy, interventionist art, and culminating in the top to bottom design of Oikospiel.