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Life Judge Vol. 1

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 •  Developer: Christopher Cole, Taylor Lovio, David Chathas, and Stephen Cole
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Platform: tabletop game
 •  Website:
About Christopher Cole, Taylor Lovio, David Chathas, and Stephen Cole

- David Chathas - Designer
- Christopher Cole - Game Creator
- Taylor Lovio - Creative Consultant

Life Judge vol. 1 is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Life Judge vol. 1

Life Judge is a casual, narrative-building party game that uses group consensus as it's major gameplay tool. In Life Judge, players get to live a hypothetical life and are free to make whatever Goals they like to make their dreams come true, all the while making Friends and Lovers, dealing with World Events, the limitations of What Their Mama Gave Them (genetic conditions), counterproductive impulses and desires (Vices), and, inevitably, the cold hand of death. Once all players have died, they are judged. Whose life was best? The group decides!

In Life Judge, through the unique group consensus mechanic, players have actual freedom to pursue their imaginations, not just choose from a series of pre-made options, and the group applies their own vision of reality (or unreality) to the universe of the game. The result is a highly social game and an unique interwoven narrative of the lives and times of the group.