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Legal Dungeon

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 •  Developer: Somi
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Platform: PC, Mac
 •  Website:
Developer's Artistic Statement

In Korea, police is obsessed by Meritocracy. Performance scores defines their promotion and salary. Every points they get shows how much they are loyal to the country and police organization. Theft is 2 points, Murder is 15 points. Like this, criminals are changed to numbers and the more crimes occur the more rewards police can get. There’s no one who cares about victims, prevention of crime. Because it does not give them any points. I thought this system is like a RPG game where players can get rewards after killing monsters. In this game, players will suffer from moral dillema by attacking criminals with law. They will experience the discrepancy between law and the real life and will be engaged in corruption of the system. And I hope people can feel guilty about their decision. Because all results in this game is the retribution of Karma that players made.

Legal Dungeon is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Legal Dungeon

Write investigation reports in this EXCITING new Police simulation! Everyone must produce results in a Meritocracy, and police are no exception. Promote officers who go above and beyond the call of duty and demote cops that don’t fill their quotas. Teams operating efficiently and economically will rise in the hierarchy, that is the ultimate Truth. You play as a fresh graduate from a prestigious police college who was recently appointed Captain of a team at the Chungbu police station. You must review cases that were previously closed and write police reports on the investigation results before forwarding them to the prosecution. It is your job to either prosecute or exonerate the accused after first judging the details of his or her crime under the law, legal precedent, and contents from previous cases. In this dungeon, the Petty Thief is worth only 2 points and the Murderer is a 15-point Monster. The high-scorers and team members level-up, and the low-performers are dreading negative reviews and possible termination. As a warrior armed with the Sword of Law, you must FIGHT!