Laser Mazer

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 •  Release Date: Available now
 •  Genre: Athletics & Movement
 •  Store Page: Store Page
 •  Trailer Link: Trailer
 •  Developer: Mighty Coconut
 •  Country of Origin: USA
 •  Website: Website
 •  Twitter: Twitter
 •  Facebooke: Facebook
 •  YouTube: Youtube
Developer Bio

Mighty Coconut was founded on the heels of the animated short film ""The OceanMaker"" directed by Lucas Martell. While primarily known for animation, game design has become an increasingly large part of the studio, with several titles in development as well as their first release ""57° North"" which is a unique branching narrative that uses the Merge Cube as an AR input device.

Laser Mazer is a title featured at IndieCade 2018.

About Laser Mazer

Walk, dodge, crouch, hide, dance, and squeeze your way past deadly lasers in this revolutionary AR/VR puzzle game.