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 •  Name: James Earl Cox III

James Earl Cox III is a speaker currently scheduled to appear at IndieCade 2018.



What is your involvement in independent games?
I make videogames. Some are good, some are less good. Videogames is spelled without a space.
What brought you to games originally?
I landed on games after trying out fiction writing and film making. I still love those mediums, but games grabbed my passion fully. Shortly after making a few games, I entered a self-set challenge of making 100 games in 5 years, a challenge that ended in the summer of 2017. During that challenge, I discovered a passion for using systems to support narrative and messages.
What are some of your favorite games and why?
Iggy's Reck'n Balls, Space Station Silicon Valley, Bomberman Hero, Majesty
Who are some of your favorite artists (not related to games) and why?
Elsa Hildegard Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven, Michael Heizer, Fritz Lang, Don Hertzfeldt
What is your philosophy on creativity as it relates to games?
Creativity is not a part of games to hold sacred. Everyone has ideas and if created at the right time, executed with the right team, or marketed with enough capital, anyone's creativity can be seen as genius. What's more important than creativity is understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and navigating those to communicate your values through your work.
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