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 •  Release Date: Coming Soon
 •  Genre: Art & Culture
 •  Developer: Shih-lien Yen, Anna Grossman, Jeffrey Huang, Jungwoo Kim, Gahyae Ryu, Jihyun Her, Jinyoung Sung, Peiyu Lai, Jawon Kim"
 •  Country of Origin: Taiwan, USA, South Korea"
 •  Website:
 •  Instagram:
Developer Bio

We are a collective of artist that is interested in the fusion of games, art, and performance. The creation of islands/Seom is lead by Shih-lien (Eugene) Yen, a visual artist interested in utilizing mediatized art forms to revive the memories, emotions, and mysteries embedded within tangible objects from daily life. Recent works: Fore! (theatre), I am the Composite of You (installation). Jeffrey Huang, a game designer, audio designer, and shader artist who generates aural and visual landscapes. Recent works: Superconductor(game), Stage Fright (game). Anna Libbie Grossman, a West Coast-based sound designer and programmer focused on interactive and immersive environments for theatre, film, and experience design. Recent works: Terra Incognita(VR), Solidus (dance).

Islands/Seom is a title featured at [[ ]].

About Islands/Seom

Our physical bodies will disappear, but through remembrance and metamorphoses, a part of our being shall live on. Islands/Seom is about creating the extended existence of people that we admire and care for. You will see a series of cube sculptures, each containing the belief of an emerging artist. View them through our custom AR app. The avatar of the artist will reanimate on top. Listen to their manifesto. Send them to a virtual world called Lacus, where they grow organically into unique ecosystems. Through gaming, we catalyze collaboration with their persona, against the odds of distance, personalities, and culture.


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