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Ideal Meal

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 •  Developer: Kai Nyame Drayton-Yee, Madeleine Smiley, Nicholas Roush

Ideal Meal is a title featured at [[ ]].

About Ideal Meal

Ideal Meal is a cooperative field game all about making a humongous bowl of ramen! Armed only with a pair of giant chopsticks, up to four players work together to handle handcrafted, scaled-up larger than life ramen ingredients. However, making the Ideal Meal isn’t as easy as it sounds. Players also need to complete wacky challenges according to a recipe to properly prepare an ingredient, which could mean anything from hopping on one foot while holding a dumpling to throwing and catching a huge shrimp three times in a row. Making the ideal meal isn’t easy, and it will take everyone’s culinary expertise to do it!