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This guide describes a quick and easy process that IndieCade developers (and speakers) can follow to create and maintain an article about their game (or themselves) on the IndieCade Wiki. For a more detailed guide, see Help:Game Page.

Step 1: Create an account and login[edit source]

Step 2: Locate your game (or your name) on the wiki[edit source]

Step 3: Click edit and view the article's source code[edit source]

Edit source.png
  • Click the "Edit Source" link at the top right of the article. If "Edit Source" is not visible, click the "Edit" link.

Step 4: Fill out the existing template[edit source]

Edit form.png
  • Each "field" (the line of text that starts with a pipe | and ends with an equals signs =) represents one section of the game page template. Fill in each section with information about your game. An explanation of what each field represents can be found on this Help page (for speakers, refer to this page).

Step 5 (optional): Upload images[edit source]

Upload files.png
  • If you'd like to add images to your article, you can do so by uploading them using the button on the Source Editor toolbar, or by dragging them into the editing window. Make sure to name your files so that it is obvious which game the image is depicting.

Step 6: Save your work![edit source]

Save changes.png
  • Click "Save Changes". Congratulations, you've published your first article on the IndieCade Wiki!