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 •  Developer: Piece of Cake Studios
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2016
 •  Platform: PC, Mac
 •  Website:

Hacktag is a title featured during a previous IndieCade showcase.

About Replica

Hacktag is a fast-paced 2-player co-op stealth-game with an asymmetric gameplay. Play as the stealth-agent on the field or as the virtually-infiltrated Hacker and work together to carry out espionage missions where nothing goes as expected!

You know the feeling in spy movies such as Mission impossible, when Ethan yells at his hacker partner Benji because he is a chased by dozens of angry guards and he needs to get that locked door opened now but Benji is already geeking his way into a the highly secured network of the villain’s lair in order to dismantle a bomb? It’s pretty intense and stressful, right? Well, that’s what Hacktag is about!

It’s a unique infiltration game, for two players online or on the couch with a good old split-screen mode. The game focuses on reproducing the feeling of stressful infiltration missions with an arcade and non-violent stealth gameplay. The procedural level generation and the asymmetric gameplay (one playing the Agent on the ground, the other playing a Hacker on the network) guarantee a huge and renewable experience.