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Hackers of Resistance

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 •  Developer: The Hackers of Resistance
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Website:

vHackers of Resistance is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Hackers of Resistance

The Hackers of Resistance (HORs) invite you to their HORhouse, an interactive performance for groups of 10-15 where comrades are called upon to aid a HORs sister organization that advocates for public health in the face of government suppression. Each comrade has a codename and, together, the intel needed to unveiling dark secrets of cyber surveillance and safely leak files without being knocked off! Players use their swift type and quick wits to confirm the fears of the 99% with something so flammable, it ignites a revolution.

In the installation, visitors are free to roam the HORs’ makeshift hacker den where environmental storytelling provides a cyberfeminist take on cybersecurity, community resources, and DIY-DIWO (Do It With Others) experiments. The HORs' manifesto plays on loop and a laptop is available to explore a hacked database at one's own pace to unearthing the past, present, and future of cyber surveillance and community organizing. 

Sights include: the disguises and flash drive collection of the social engineer, the identity-masking and anti-surveillance tactics of the incognito aficionado, and DIY-third-world-ecofeminist-biohacking tools of the guerrilla rebel. Play with the HORs and bash those binaries!