Hackers of Resistance

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 •  Developer: The Hackers of Resistance
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Website: https://www.instagram.com/wearehors/

Hackers of Resistance is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Hackers of Resistance

Hackers of Resistance is an interactive performance where one lucky player is called upon to uncover government operations and prove legitimacy on behalf of the HORs’ incarcerated sister organization—the Marias Clandestinas—forerunners of transnational feminism. Cracking the government database gets tough due to heavy encryption, so the HORs put their faith in the player (former-CIA-turned-dissenter) to navigate the system and find something juicy enough to raise media eyebrows. Joining the HORs at their table and donning a sanctimonious sparkly anti-RFID hoodie, the player connects through the backdoor and types commands to travel through NSA files—unveiling dark secrets of cyber surveillance. Once the player finds the hot docs, it’s time to leak. Obviously, it's not that easy, and the system detects them. The player must use their swift type and quick wits to protect the transfer while the HORs send it off to the world in time, confirming the fears of the 99% with something so flammable, it ignites a revolution.

Beyond the performance, the audience is free to roam the HORs’ makeshift hacker den, where environmental storytelling provides a cyberfeminist take on cybersecurity resources, hacking experiments, and easter eggs. Sights include: the disguises and flash drive collection of the social engineer, the identity-masking and anti-surveillance tactics of the incognito aficionado, and DIY-third-world-ecofeminist-biohacking tools of the guerrilla rebel. Here, the game operates in an exploratory mode, and players can peruse the NSA database at their own pace to unearth the past, present, and future of cyber surveillance and community organizing. Play with the HORs and bash those binaries!