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 •  Developer: Martzi Campos and Patrick Quah
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Platform: live action roleplay
 •  Website:
About Martzi Campos and Patrick Quah

- Martzi Campos - Designer/Artist
- Patrick Quah-Designer/Writer

GLARP is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.


GLARP is a system for creating and running a Live-Action Roleplaying experience for 6 to 8 players. It is designed to provide players with a small-scale, intimate, story-driven role-play experience that focuses on character and plot over exploration or warfare.

It combines aspects of European style LARPs and murder mysteries into a tight 4-6 hour experience to be enjoyed over the course of an evening. Our goal is to help players run and create intimate, story-driven events for their friends easily.

The core actions players take in the game are roleplaying, negotiation, and combat. It is designed to function like a high-stakes bottle-episode; each campaign takes around 4–6 hours and slowly ramps up tension as the conflicting goals of 6-8 characters are revealed. In essence, a standard GLARP campaign should take place in one space, with all the characters incentivized to stay there until their goals are achieved. Combat is of course inevitable, but is designed to be strategic and accessible, not to mention safe to perform in a confined space. A specially designed turn-based boffer combat system allows players of all kinds to role-play their kind of hero, regardless of their ableness or athleticism.

Our rulebook gives suggestions on how to structure this kind of story as well as how to run our unique combat system. In addition to the rules, we have our own pre-written adventure Called “Rendezvous at the Rogue’s Respite” that comes with a guide on how to run it, along with all the materials you would need. It is a fantasy setting where two adventuring parties meet in a tavern to discuss how to split the loot on a disputed treasure, but something more powerful than gold is up for grabs.