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 •  Developer: Jewel Lim, Priyam Parikh, Andrew Moran, Jake Stull, Niko Korolog, and Aaron Bales
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Platform: Oculus
 •  Website:
About Jewel Lim, Priyam Parikh, Andrew Moran, Jake Stull, Niko Korolog, and Aaron Bales

- Producer: Jewel Lim
- Creative Director: Priyam Parikh
- Technical Director: Andrew Moran
- CG Artist & Animator: Jake Stull
- Composer: Niko Korolog
- Digital Strategist: Aaron Bales
Developer's Artistic Statement

"Found’s story speaks to the connection and lack there of between nature and technology, and ultimately serves as a fantastical journey of self-discovery. It aims to showcase VR’s ability to blend cinematic storytelling with user interaction.


Found is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Found

“A dimly lit train cabin … swaying grassy plains … flickering fireflies … a mighty dragon.”

Found immerses you in a journey that has left early reviewers with an awe “eerily reminiscent of a Miyazaki film.” Fans of beautifully handcrafted worlds like Limbo and Journey may find VR’s worthiest heir, which melds a captivating realm with a narrative that unfolds in fragments of gradual discovery. Built in less than a month, this departure from traditional gameplay delivers the feels we’ve been dreaming of since VR landed.

Enter Found, and you just might lose yourself...