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Europe Nominees

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The following are the Europe Nominees showing at IndieCade Europe.

List of Sponsored Games[edit | edit source]

Anyball  Hang Ruan, Laurenz Riklin, and Paolo Salcedo  

Baba Is You  Arvi Teikari  

Bargain Quest  Jonathan Ying and Victoria Yin  

BOSSGARD  Sand Sailor Studio  

Carly and the Reaperman: Escape from the Underworld  Odd Raven Studios  

Don't Kill Her  Wuthrer  

enen  Ken Tanigami-Christen and S. Elliot Perez  

Felix The Reaper  Kong Orange  

Forgotton Anne  ThroughLine Games  

Healer's Quest  Rablo Games - Pablo Coma  

The Game: The Game  Angela Washko  

Full Metal Furies  Cellar Door Games  

Homo Machina  Darjeeling  

Insane Robots  Playniac  

Laser Mazer  Mighty Coconut / Lucas Martell  

Lightmatter  Tunnel Vision Games  

Living Orb  Jonathan Giroux  

A Memoir Blue  Kevin Zeng and Shelley Chen  

Ministry of Broadcast  Petr Skornok, Petr Melicherik, Dusan Cezek, Sanja Cezek  

A Numbers Game  Ryan Zubery  

Please, Do Touch The Artwork  Studio Waterzooi  

RotoRing  Gregory Kogos  

Small Talk  Pale Room  

Stereopolis  Benjamin Vedrenne / GLKT  

Super Cane Magic ZERO  Simone "Sio" Albrigi, Studio Evil  

The Tale Of The Tiny Fisherman  INNERSPACE VR  

Unheard  NEXT Studio  

Wandersong  Greg Lobanov & A Shell in the Pit