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EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage

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 •  Release Date: 2019
 •  Genre: Action Video Games
 •  Store Page:
 •  Developer: The Sheep’s Meow
 •  Country of Origin: United States
 •  Website:
 •  Twitter:
 •  Facebook:
 •  Instagram:
Developer Bio

The Sheep's Meow creates games that make you see differently.

The Sheep's Meow is an independent game development studio based in the New Jersey & New York City area, and was founded by Brian S. Chung & GJ Lee in 2014.

The Sheep's Meow is also a community organization whose mission is to support local developers, make game creation inclusive & accessible, and help people get started making their own games.

EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage is a title featured at [[ ]].

About EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage

You are a tiny creature in a dangerous world. Lead your defenseless children to safety. Adapt to new predators each level … until you evolve into a different species.

Survive in an evolving environment by morphing between light & dark forms to camouflage from your predators.

But be careful: you won’t be able to see yourself either. Lose the ability to see where you are, and learn to feel & know where you’re going.

EXPOSURE Being out in the open is unsafe. When you’re playing well, you can’t see yourself. Learn to know and feel where you are.

Intuitive Controls Move in any direction, and switch between light & dark. Begin as a defenseless bug, but evolve into something greater based on your path.

Entrancing World Over 36 unique branching paths through 11 procedurally generated areas. Psychedelic minimalist design and atmospheric soundscapes.

Intense Bosses Each area introduces new predators and parasites. Though everything is much more powerful than you, everything has a weakness.

Daily Challenge When you play the Daily Challenge, you only get one chance at it. Give it all your focus!

Leaderboards Discover the fastest route, or play to create the largest population. The Daily Challenge has its own separate leaderboard.

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