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Don't Kill Her

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 •  Release Date: 2019
 •  Genre: Narrative & Story Telling
 •  Store Page:
 •  Developer: Wuthrer
 •  Country of Origin: Switzerland
 •  Website:
 •  Twitter:
 •  Facebook:
 •  Instagram:

Don't Kill Her is a title featured at [[ ]].

About Don't Kill Her

Don't Kill Her is a narrative game shaped like a slow-paced platformer. Whether it be woods carved in the memories of olden days or great steppes shaped by the darkness above, the areas you explore are the fruit of Her very own creation. A world conceived especially for you, its sole purpose being for the player to find the answers to the secrets it holds. Indeed, your progression through this eventful universe packed with bewildering encounters is quite straightforward, as the real challenge lies elsewhere.