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 •  Release Date: November 2017
 •  Genre: Performance
 •  Trailer Link: Trailer
 •  Developer: Pietro Righi Riva
 •  Country of Origin: Italy
 •  Website: Website
Developer Bio

Pietro is an Italian designer, artist, and academic. With indie game studio Santa Ragione, he created “Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space”, “FOTONICA”, “MirrorMoon EP”, and “Wheels of Aurelia”. His work was displayed at the Venice Biennale and the MCA in Chicago. In 2016, Pietro published a manifesto for nontraditional playable media called “rejecta”.

Asta Grande is a title featured at IndieCade 2018.

About Asta Grande

Asta Grande is a drop-in, drop-out crowd game for 30 people. It’s a pretend auction of legendary items mediated by a digital interface that is used by the auctioneer to present the lots and keep track of players’ objectives and funds. Players receive a character card that doubles as their bidding paddle, and they raise it when they are interested in an item being auctioned.